Keys to Music Foundation

Innovative ways in presenting classical music

Commissioning new compositions, making videos, and creating new stage productions requires a foundation – a foundation which also has the mission to find new audiences for these creations. For all Daria’s concerts, a special effort is made to interact with young students at universities, schools, and even people walking in the street.

Keys to Music Foundation was created in 2016 with Daria van den Bercken as general director and strives to create relevant new works of art with a focus on interesting new audiences, for these projects and for music in general. 

For the full mission and hopefully your support, please browse to the Foundation’s website.

A day with 27 Honours Programme students from the Radboud University Nijmegen. Exploring musical elements, talking and answering questions about the role and life of a musician, and working on the assignment Daria had given: ‘Pick a musician or a specific piece of music and develop a strategy to bring him/her/it to (greater) public attention’. And ofcourse: enjoying live piano music in the beautiful concert hall!

This short documentary video presents the collaboration of Daria with the South Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Jonathon Heyward. They invited university students of different majors to explore the concept of elegance in their field of expertise. Watch the video to see how the rich and diverse concert experience was received by a truly new audience.

Three examples of work made by students of different majors, exploring the concept of elegance in their field of expertise. The posters were exhibited at the concert, together with a written explanation.