Human: nature, an imaginary suite

Human:nature, an imaginary suite. A series of pieces woven into a suite, in which each work in its own way reflects on nature.

The music on this album takes its inspiration from the romantic idea of nature: you will hear music that portrays nature, explores memories of nature, uses nature as a metaphor, and is based on poems and prose about our relationship with nature. Over the centuries, brilliant composers have expressed the beauty of nature, while also drawing inspiration from philosophy: in the final and greatest poetic meditation on this the album (and for that matter of the entire Romantic era!) 

Liszt uses nature as a metaphor for life and human suffering.

I hope this album gives you the same feeling that I have experienced in making it: nature is bigger than us, bigger than our greatest joys and deepest sorrows. Nature will and should always remain a source of inspiration for humanity and art, and it is our responsibility to treat it with care and respect.